I’m HIRING!! He…

I’m HIRING!! Head Chef, Sous Chef, gI’m Hiring!! A Young Dynamic team needed for this once in a lifetime opportunity, Song Saa is an awarding winning private Island, the first in Cambodia, Michelin experience an advantage, but passionate hard working food focused individuals is what I am looking for, positions available immediately!!! http://www.songsaa.com


My Chefs Blog

I will be adding my blog from my new position tat the same time with this one, please have alook at the link for the start


Today is the beginning of something very special in my life and a wonderful opportunity, at the end of April I left North Island after a great year and excepted a new position, I had a short break to collect my thoughts and ideas for my new experience and starting today I am now Executive Chef of SongSaa Private Island in Cambodia.


I will be updating the blog again on a regular basis, so please follow my progress as I learn Khmer cuisine, developing it for the new opening in late 2011, its very exciting and Cambodia is a beautiful country which this year will deliver as the new hotspot in South East Asia

Green Tea Snapper

Smoked Snapper, Macha, Spinach Puree, Coconut Rice Pudding, Pickled Radish, Coconut Tuile, Toasted Coconut, Germinated Coconut, Coconut Veloute

Chocolate Tagliatelle

Chocolate tagliatelli, Espresso vanilla syrup, Mascarpone cream,
Honeycomb – crumble,
Chocolate sauce, Gold Leaf

Miso Snapper..

Snapper, Miso Sauce, Sesame Panna Cotta, Puffed Tapioca Szechuan, Pistachio Pesto, Toasted Pistachios, Pickled Onion, Pickled Ginger, Nerigoma, Black Sesame, Spring Onions, Zepi Ble, Coconut, Oscietra

Blueberry & Mango

Blueberry garibaldi, Blueberry jelly, Mango brulee, Mango sorbet, Mango lyo, Blueberry parfait, Berry glass & crystals, Mango crystals, Zepi Ble, Blueberry coulis, Mango coulis,